We like to text each other pictures of cute dogs we see, eat Vietnamese food and we've been known to play that game on Alexa where you have to guess the song from the ten second clip of it. Turns out we suck at that game. We don't suck at taking photos and videos though, and that's a relief because that's what we do for a living.

Laura is really into science, has an ongoing love affair with spaghetti carbonara and spends her free time swimming, hiking or playing PS4 with one of the loves of her life, Aidan (the other is their dog Tessa, Laura will show you pictures on request). She has a pretty relaxed style when it comes to photography, darting in to get those candid shots of those laugh-out-loud moments. She's not really one for stuffy, formal group shots and she lives for those natural, organic moments that reflect you as a couple.

Frankie is pretty into music, playing classical guitar and moving on to being in rock bands and composing his own electronic music. He also likes to run 5K as fast as he can, and, despite living thirty miles away is Tessa the Dog's favourite person in the whole wide world. Frankie's style is relaxed and personal and really focusses on those moments that show you connecting as a couple. His musical background also means he's a dab hand at curating the music in your videos so the soundtrack works seamlessly with the magic of your day.

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