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Who are Betrothed & Co?

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Just hanging out under a bridge! Taken by the indomitable Lex Fleming.

Good question!

We're Frankie and Laura, or Laura and Frankie (whichever way you like!) and we make up Betrothed & Co.

We are both pretty passionate about dogs, good food and weddings, so if you have all three in one place, we're absolutely the duo for you. On top of being a photography/videography dream team, we're actually pretty great friends (we were introduced by Laura's dog, but we'll tell you that story over a drink) and, you know, actually hang out for fun as well as hanging out at epic weddings worldwide (okay, by worldwide we mean England, Sweden and Italy. But we go places!).

So, who does what? Laura is charge of photography. She started way back in 2012 as a hobbyist with a secondhand bridge camera (that's a kind of camera that's between a regular digital camera and a DSLR). Eventually, she came off auto, bought an actual DSLR and started second shooting weddings whilst working a day job (in her past life she was a space nerd, definitely ask her about that). In 2018, she took the plunge to go into weddings full time but felt something was missing, and it turned out what was missing was Frankie. With that in mind, she promptly shut down her business and asked Frankie to set up Betrothed & Co with her. Luckily he said yes, because that could have been fairly awkward.

Frankie is in charge of all things video related. He started out shooting regular non-wedding videos in 2014, but took the plunge into wedding videography in 2017. When he's not shooting weddings with Laura, he's shooting video commercially and hanging out in his very cool East London flat. Alongside shooting pretty spectacular wedding videos, he also is pretty musical: playing guitar and composing electronic music in his spare time (which makes him super good at matching music to mood in wedding videos!).

So that's an introduction to us. In summary, we love dogs, are good with cameras and we love a good wedding. Make our day and invite us to yours!

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